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  9. VIP rushes past.Laura – Thanks for interpreting the blurs as artistic. Beatrice – I am sure that the food concessionaires will be open all evening. They are at the Pepsi Center. The vendors (and the facilities, which presumably get a cut) wouldn’t want to miss a revenue opportunity — and having early arrivers faint from hunger is not good publicity either!
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  15. Christie mistakes support for the cause as a blind allegiance to him. Have no doubt, his fund-raising success relies on people like me. Christie’s behavior during the Obama visit was way over the top and his dismissive comments about the presidential campaign in the waning days before the election hurt Romney and hint at an alterior motive. Sure NJ was wrecked, but so is the country. And a huge election was pending. It was all hands on deck. You took a walk on us. We will return the favor.
  16. Is there a way to reset Chrome back to default flags? I am experiencing really bad performance on most google pages (G+, Maps, Youtube, etc) and I'm not sure if that is because of some flags i tried. I'm on DEV and the sites are running fine and smooth in IE.
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  29. Dear Arlene and Jan,I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Jay. I always enjoyed talking to him at Alumni Band functions. I’m thinking of you both and your famiy during this sad time.Cathy Lowe Rush
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  51. Definitely retro. My mum used to have a painting of a crying boy that always made me sad, so I think I'd find it too upsetting to see one like that all the time - but I do think there's a certain charm to the art you've got!
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  66. Hey again Dave,Great article. Don't let Tory hate mongers drag you down. Our approach to the Tar Sands will have impacts for several generations and careful thought is definitely required.
  67. Lets hope it’s seems to be less procedural & more sci-fi like. There security system seems to get more spot light then the four main characters. Which WAS supposed to be the back drop not the center. If it gets two off track which I think it’s walking on that road then I may have to watch something else. The premise seems to have changed…
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  71. Sedarkah anda, suasana bola diPahang nazak sejak mid 90's lagi. Selagi itu lah gaya/lagak/sikap officials & palyers ianya akan terus pengsan & kalau sedar pun mungkin jadi gila. Malang....mereka masih beranggapan sebagai 'glamour team' tp lihatlah kedudukan 'table' & 'match statistics'. Now... how many people understood this? Supporting this team is just a waste of effort, time & money. It is a sinking ship....
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  84. Dear Mrs. Thompson,I am so sorry about your loss. Ronan was such a cute little boy. I don’t understand why terrible things happen to such innocent people. Ronan’s story is so sad and every time i hear Taylor’s song i cry. Ronan was such a brave little boy and he fought so hard. The constant hospital visits must have been so hard on all of you. But like in Taylor’s song he flew away up to heaven from all of that hospital gray. RIP Ronan.
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  88. We were having our ritual drinking session last Saturday night when one of our 'well-informed' kaki's mentioned that, what NKF Board of Directors and CEO did was in-line with Gov practises. One of practises, is the 12 months Bonuses to Ministers and high class travelling. If all that was committed was irregular, NKF would have been apprehended long time ago. Just my 'Peanut' worth.
  89. Mdeaaaa depinde la care pozitie 3 se refera domnul respectiv (poate se gandea la sah, sportul mintii...poti sa stii?)....oricum dintre toate sporturile din imaginile precedente....cred ca voleiul este cel mai antrenant (mai ales pt ochi).....atat pt cei care joaca dar mai ales pt cei care nu joaca
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  118. Following what these two have been through, these photos are so touching and beautiful. I love the one of Rachael snuggled against Craig. And of her writing the love note. And I agree, as lovely as the picture is of them against the wall, they are too far apart. The photos are amazing!!
  119. I do not see any mention of the shortage of ammo because of the federal directive (which I think has been rescinded) to shred used military brass, rather than sell it to commercial reloaders. This, too, assisted for a short time in adding to the ammo shortage. Yes, indeed, your tax dollars are hard at work.- Timo